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The most important thing that one should learn before making live trades is to understand forex money management.

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Learning and understanding the guiding principles behind money management is essential since it teaches traders, especially the new ones, on how to avoid some costly mistakes that can sometimes lead into losing the entire investment during the first handful of trading transactions.

Psychology is considered an important factor in money management. It is essential that you separate yourself from different kinds of emotional attachment that you feel for your money. This is a hard thing to do, but the reward in doing is worthy.

If you are too emotional while doing a trade, there is a big chance of not exiting the trade properly.

When this happens, you have the tendency of holding that trade, instead of letting it go or allowing it to slip in your hands prior to the trade’s chance of becoming profitable.

It is important to consider the risk and leverage. Do not pursue a trade if your balance only had more than two percent. There are other traders who allow it to reach by 10 percent but that should be the limit.

By doing so, this gives you the chance to withstand the fluctuations in the market as well as securing an amount of money, if ever the trade becomes bad and unfavorable on your part.

Do not operate if you have assumptions of profiting from every trade and do some planning for your losses. It might help to develop a trading strategy that is based on this idea: keep your gains in large amount and your losses in small amount.

Keep an accurate and well-detailed track record of both gains and losses in order to assess the success of the strategy or a re-built is needed.

Do not trade if you do not have a track record of the result of your trading activities since there is a chance of losing your funds in an instant.

Practice your strategy using a demo account. Demo accounts can make a good venue for new traders to practice and hone their trading skills since this account is a virtual one.

Adding to that, one can make a trade in real-time using imaginary money, so there’s nothing at risk.

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Engaging in a demo account is an effective way to test if your strategy can earn you real money. But be careful in trading and playing with fake money. Although noting is at risk in this virtual account, you should not get emotional when there is real money on the line.

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