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AMIBroker bills itself as "the top choice" for the design, validation, and testing of portfolio level systems. It has a number of features which give credence to this claim, and some of these features include floating charts that have multiple monitors, indicators which can be dragged and dropped, walk forward testing, and SEA or Smart Evolutionary Algorithms.

These are just some of the many features that come with this technical analysis tool. There are a number of reasons why AMIBroker is far superior to other technical analysis programs. The first of these are the many features it offers.

Simply put, AMIBroker comes with more features than most programs can possibly dream of. While some would counter this by saying that "too much of a good thing is bad," the truth of the matter is that not only does this software tool come with a lot of features, but the company is constantly updating it with more functions.

This ensures that AMIBroker keeps up with the times. The second feature is its speed and performance. This software runs at an average speed which is as much as ten times quicker than other contemporary technical analysis tools.

But speed means little if a program is not both reliable and accurate, and AMIBroker fits the bill here as well. In addition to being tested by the software engineers who developed the program, it is also tested on a daily basis by many traders, which includes funds managers.

The backtester is capable of reproducing many trading techniques with an accuracy that is very close to the real world. Another advantage that AMIBroker has is its flexibility. This tool can be heavily tweaked, and it can be modified in almost any manner which is conducive to your unique trading requirements.

How AMIBroker Works

The power of this software tool becomes prevalent when one considers its charting capability. It is both powerful and affordable at the same time, and it has a very wide range of technical analysis functions. This gives the user the ability to study the market and correctly make predictions based on the analysis of the tool.

The charting feature that gives this program its main source of power is the object orientation. Simply put, object orientation allows you to copy, paste, delete, or cut, modifying numerous elements for the charting canvas.

Many of the most powerful tools are those which are built in, and some of these are the moving averages, the trend lines, the Fibonacci retracements, and the parabolic curves. The program also makes use of directional movements, along with candlesticks.

With this many features, it is easy to see why AMIBroker is the favored technical analysis tool for so many brokers. When you use AMIBroker, you are not only given the option of creating the trading systems, but you may also backtest them as well.

Instead of being limited only to the data of certain exchanges, you can access data from every exchange on the planet. Another thing that many traders like about AMIBroker is its ability to make use of a strong formula language.

It also be noted that there are as many as 100 formula functions which are built in. The formula language is designed to ensure that creating the analysis formula is simple in comparison to many languages.

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