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AnalyzerXL is a high end technical analysis tool that is also capable of downloading various types of data. One thing which sets this tool apart from other tools is the fact that it is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Excel.

This software is comprised of a number of things, and some of them include BulkQuotesXL, PortfolioXL, and RTQuotesXL. AnalyzerXL also comprises a library of hundreds of functions which are related to technical analysis, and the library also has experts and indicators.

You can immediately build charts for the functions that have outputs which are numeric, and you are also capable of managing macros.

The Analyzer XL Wizard greatly reduces the complexity for calculation, and enhances the speed for constructing trading systems. The combination of this software with MS Excel offers many options. If you have a knowledge of VBA, you can quickly modify the indicators as well as the experts within a short period of time.

With DownloaderXL, you can download historical information which is related to mutual funds and stocks, and this data can be placed in Excel spreadsheets.

The historical data for Analyzer Excel can go back as far as 15 years, and it has data for India, Australia, Germany, France, and Canadian exchanges.

The BulkQuotesXL can be used to download historical information which is related to end-of-day data for stocks, and this can occur via Yahoo Finance. When it comes to financial futures and commodities, this information can be gathered via Pifin.

Traders who use this software have reported that they can rapidly build strong analytical projects, and you have several options when it comes to templates.

You have the option of exporting it for the formats which are well known, and you can also process your individual macros and construct charts. The functions for technical analysis can be computed automatically.

Additional AnalyzerXL Features

When you use the RTQuotesXL, you will be able to download the real time quotes for the stocks, the options, the indexes, and the mutual funds.

Data can be found for more than 50 markets around the world. These quotes can be used for charting in real time, and they can also be used for technical analysis.

With the latest versions of this software, technical analysis functions have been added in, and more alerts have also been added as well. It should also be noted that updates have been made in regards to charting features.

Within a single day, thousands of traders around the world make use of AnalyzerXL in order to make their trading decisions. In a nutshell, this software could be thought of as a complete suite for advanced tools which bring about a extreme level of accuracy for your trades.

Some of the features that can be found with this tool includes quotes which are available in real time, strategy back testing, downloads for options change, and data classification which is based on neural networks.

When you think about the strong integration that comes with the AnalyzerXL suite, it is easy to see why this tool has become so popular.

Because of numerical analysis, Excel allows you to perform technical analysis which is numerical as opposed to the chart analysis. Another thing that has allowed this program to stand out is the universal technical analysis.

AnalyzerXL allows technical analysis to be used with different stock types, and it can be used for various periods via different sources. If your data is put inside the Excel spreadsheets, the AnalyzerXL library of indicators can be used for the purpose of analyzing it.

Download AnalyzerXL

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