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Andromeda Trading Systems has a number of features which has allowed it to stand out from the crowd of other systems which are available on the market today. The first of these features is the fact that it is completely mechanical.

You do not have to worry about subjective interpretation or even guesswork. The entire system is based on mathematical formulae which is relatively basic.

Another feature that allows ATS to stand out from its competitors are systems which are fully disclosed. You do not have to worry about passwords, keys, or black boxes, and the rules are showcased in a manner which is logical.

The system is described in plain English. You will be able to understand the logic as well as the reasons for each trade signal, and the source code must be disclosed in the proper manner. ATS also uses a system which allows for multiple commodities.

You can carry out lucrative trades with a part of the market which is really diverse, and the identical rules can be used for the entire market.

This system is not optimized, and that means that the exact rules and logic can be used for numerous markets.

You do not have to worry about curve fitting, and the tests which have been taken on this software show that it is useful for many different functions.

Overall, ATS is a simple system that makes use of rules and parameters which are equally simple.

This means that the program tends to be much more robust in comparison to other programs, and this means the future performance will be closed to the tests which have been taken for this software in the past.

An additional thing that many traders like about this program is its ability to get adapted to many different account sizes.

Andromeda Trading System Benefits

Distinct portfolios can be used for account sizes which are different, and you do not have to worry about any alterations which can occur based on percentages.

For instance, the small, medium, and large accounts may be traded with the identical systems.

Because it can make use of traders that have different account sizes, the program is much more efficient and highly adaptable.

ATS is very easy to trade, and many orders, including those for the entry and the exit, can be processed the very next day. Therefore, traders do not have to worry about handling the markets during the day.

Orders on the market for open will also reduce any slippage in the market, and this will occur in comparison to the orders which have been carried out during the intraday.

The trading logic is completely symmetric, and there is not much bias which occurs for the short trades.

Much of the end of the day data may be used for data from many other vendors, and this means that you have reliable information which can prove to be highly useful.

When it comes to numerous trading units, traders need a program which is highly adaptable, and ATS fits the bill. One reason for this is the money management formula it uses.

Andromeda Trading Software has received a number of rewards, and much of these rewards were given because of the many features that have been described in this review.

While it is true that no trading program is perfect, ATS is exceptionally powerful, and has brought numerous rewards to those traders who have invested both the time and money to use it properly.

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