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BullCharts is a charting software tool that is specifically designed for professionals. It is also geared towards technical analysis, and it offers a number of features and functions that allow traders to use the most cutting edge strategies from both regional and international authors, particularly when it comes to studying the movements of the stock market.

The software engineers who developed Bullcharts wanted it to be highly intuitive, and they succeeded in this regard. It is simple to use, even for novices, and it also has a solid presentation.

Some of the features that come with this tool are the intraday live, which is optional, and it also uses the end day charts. It has a sizeable number of indicators which can be used easily, and it also comes with a portfolio which allows the traders to find market reports and news.

Those who are using this program for the first time will find that it is easy to install, particularly when compared to competing programs. Most of the people who have installed this program, have found it to be quite easy. Because this software is windows based, a wizard walks you through the process of successfully installing it.

After you install the program, getting connected to the live data is just as simple. If you want, you can use the end of the day data as an alternative, but this is ultimately up to you. When you look over the display for Bullcharts, you will find that it has been set up in a very intuitive manner, and resembles Metastock in many ways.

All the primary menus are at the top, and the line studies and additional tools can be found on the left side of the screen. The chart area of this tool is quite seamless and clear, and you have the option of changing it to suit your preferences.

BullCharts Features and Functions

One Bullcharts feature that has received a great deal of praise is the file folder system. They are simple to find, and it is even easier to manipulate them. One of the top problems that some traders face these days is structuring their folders in an organized manner, but the Bullchart file system is designed to do precisely this.

Another part of the software interface that is found to be quite impressive is called the industry groups section. Industry groups is a category which will give you the ability to study industries and sectors, and it comes with a secondary tier of sectors.

You have the option of analyzing all the stocks in specific industries with the touch of one button, and you can also look further with the secondary tier sectors. For instance, you can analyze the stocks for a certain area and then look further at components which make up this sector.

This gives you the ability to scan over data quite rapidly, and you can also access quickly whenever needed. The security types is yet another section which will split the stocks into standard shares or unit trusts, and again, this allows you to analyze the data relatively quickly.

Another thing that many traders like about Bullcharts is the Indicator Plotting feature. In fact, some traders have said that this is the most important feature in the program. Indicator Plotting basically involves putting an indicator on top of the chart.

You can pick a group of favorites from the lower part of the screen, and you can then click Ctrl + I to open up the Indicator Plotter. From this section, you can quickly gain access to a big range of indicators within a short time span.

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