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Gannalyst is a market analysis tool that makes use of algorithmic trading in order to help traders better understand the market.

Algorithmic Trading is a method by which a computer software is used for the purpose of implementing trading orders based on a computer algorithm which figures out different aspects of an order.

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Some of these aspects are the price, quantity, and timing. While many people confuse algorithmic trading with design mechanisms that make use of back testing, this is a mistake.

The goal of Gannalyst is to shift perspective. The models that it uses are based on real time features, and these models work best for enterprises that have lower friction for the processing of transactions.

For enterprises that meet these characteristics, their improvement over the long term will dramatically increase. At the same time, for the typical trader, the transaction costs are critically important, and the best thing that will work for them is high speed trading in large volumes. Because Gannalyst uses the algorithmic model for trading, there are a number of advantages that investors can get from using it.

The first advantage that one gains is perspective. If the perspective of one trader is the same as every other trader, it is difficult to find something which is distinct or useful that won't be quickly duplicated by every other trader.

To get the tactical advantage and hold onto it, it is critical for traders to change their perspective.

Once your perspective is changed, this will allow you to approach the market from a level which is distinct from every other trader.

The key value for using the algorithmic method is a get rid of emotion when it comes to trading, and only deal with the instructions that are put before you.

By using this method, the future may become completely irrelevant. Gannalyst is a market analysis tool that is the result of many years of analysis and research. It does not deal much with the automated entry of orders, and specializes in the location and designation of trading opportunities.

How Gannalyst Works

Gannalyst will basically showcase charts which are specifically designed to keep both the price and the timing consistent, which falls under the philosophy of W.D. Gann. Gannalyst can be purchased in two variations, and this is the Standard Lite version, and the Professional edition.

The difference between these two variations of the program is that the Gannalyst Standard Lite program is free, and is good for those that are interested in trying out the charting abilities of this tool. In addition to this, the Lite edition also offers standard charting features to showcase the analysis abilities of the software.

Gannalyst Professional is designed for the novice and the professional trader. It offers an environment which is highly productive, and this allows you to analyze and showcase those securities which make use of the philosophies of W.D. Gann.

With the professional edition, you can chart the prices of the securities which are dependent on the Gann methods, and you will also be able to time the frequencies.

Timing the frequencies also includes the solar time, natural frequency, and the calendar day. Gann angles are included in the professional edition of Gannalyst, and you are given the ability to create relationships based on price and time.

One thing that I personally like about Gannalyst is that the charts can be heavily configured. This allows you to view the data in the precise manner that you want, as opposed to being forced to accept a "one size fits all" approach.

Those who are familiar with the work of W.D. Gann will understand the connection between time and price. When these factors are charted properly, you can pick critical turning points based on the security.

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