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High Growth Stock (HGS)


The financial markets never stands still, and this means that there are many sectors and industries that are constantly on the upward path, while others are either in decline or moving sideways. Because the markets are constantly in motion, it has become necessary for traders to purchase more than simply single stocks in order to earn the largest profits possible.

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It is necessary to have tools at your disposal which will allow you to determine the directions in which the market is moving, and you will also need to understand the many details of this movement. HGS, which stands for HighGrowStock, is a trading software which is designed to help you in this regard.

The company makes a number of claims for their software, and some of them include the ability to follow the movements of industries in which you own stocks. It can assist you in making proactive decisions when you are locating and acting on trends which are occurring in markets which are relative to your investments. It is also necessary for you to determine the securities which are reaching higher or lower levels.

The HGS software can allow you to figure which stocks are increasing or falling within the various indexes. Another thing that I like about HGS is that it allows you to analyze your portfolio in real time. You have the ability to study the data in real time for your portfolio, and you can also do this for other custom groups via the QuoteTracker tool.

As a trader, your goal should be able to sell or buy dependent on data which is the most up to date. Those traders who are unable to make investment decisions based on the latest data tend to lose a lot of money, especially when compared to traders who can make rapid decisions within a short period of time.

Another feature that HGS offers is the ability to pick the top stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs for your investment methods. You can look for stocks based on the simple HGS filter, and you can also generate a list of customized candidates. You also have the option of making an analysis based on Moving Average Crossovers or Candlesticks.

Additional Features that Come with HGS

With HGS, you have as many as 50 charting indicators to pick. In addition to this, you can also make use of the SmartGroup searches that are pre-made, and which are specific to certain investment styles, like growth investing or dividend investing.

HGS provides you with the tools that allow you to refine your searches through the ranking of stocks based on the data that matters. You can pick from a group of 400 fundamentals as well as technicals, and this includes the Revenue Rank and Price to Sales Ratio. The key factor to remember with HGS, and all trading software for that matter, is that the investment decisions you make are a reflection of the software that you use.

If you use crappy software tools, you will have crappy investment results. One thing most traders can agree on is that it is literally impossible to search through 8,000 stocks each day. While you do have the option of using Excel for your spreadsheets, you should not have to.

When you go to the official website for HGS, one thing that you will find is that a 60 day free trial is offered, which adds kudos to the software that this company is offering. You get to try out their tool for free before risking real money in the market, and this can be incredibly important. Many traders are very impressed with HGS, particularly the technical aspects of the program.

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Many of the technical traders must spend a great deal of time studying the resistance and fib levels for the stock, and it is also necessary for them to understand how the stock is performing a numerous moving average. If you're a day trader who follow the philosophy of "grabbing the money and running," then HGS can be very useful, but may not be as good for those who like to buy and hold stock for extensive periods of time.

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