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Impactopia, which was formerly known as Market Topology, is a stock analysis tool which is highly robust, especially when it comes to the time frames that you can pick. In addition to this, traders also have the option of graphing the spread for two stocks side by side.

To make use of the site, you will need to sign up, but the best thing about Impactopia is that it comes with a free price tag. Impactopia has a number of other goodies which are available if you take the time to explore. It can plot the tree for the security which are interested in mapping, and this shows the connection that it has to the other securities.

Instead of being a single tool, Impactopia is actually a collection of analytical tools. The goal of these tools is to help you find the connections which exist among numerous financial instruments. One thing that you must keep in mind is that every day, literally thousands of stocks and other securities are traded in multiple markets around the globe.

Impactopia has created an engine which is capable of giving traders the ability to analyze the fluctuations which occur in financial markets worldwide. This application can be used on many equities, but is designed especially for U.S. based equities.

Because of the fundamental connections which exist among companies, there is also information connections that occur among traders. Many correlations for stocks will exist, and should the stock be influenced in a negative manner by any announcement, it is important to consider the scenarios for stocks which exist in the identical sector.

Impactopia has created an engine which places a great emphasis on the connections that exist among the equities. There are thousands of equities which are regularly traded via the AMEX and NYSE, and to make a comparison between the price movements, it is necessary to use the right method.

How Impactopia Works

Impactopia will calculate the connections for every potential pair, and this comes to tens of millions of pairs. The engine which has been developed by this company is useful when it comes to sorting through the correlation coefficients, which number in the many millions.

Users have the option of querying the database for the calculation of lists for the pairs which are most valuable, and this also includes the collection of anti-correlated pairs as well. The procedure which can pick the greatest coefficient for placement is very important. The graphs will generally come in the form of a tree.

The tree could be thought of as a symbol which showcases the movements of prices and their relationship in the market. Trees are very useful to traders, and they can learn a lot from them. The leaders of any given market will typically be placed in the middle of the tree, and the leaders for these sectors may have strong connections with their neighbors. Many sectors come out of the analysis, and this is a sign that they may be clusters for the tree. The neighbors which closely related to the equity will generally be a part of the identical sector.

Overall, Impactopia is a great program that traders can use, and we could all agree that the best part about this software is that it is totally free. This means that you can try it out without spending the hundreds or thousands of dollars that you must pay for other software packages, and this allows you to try it out with little risk. If it works, you can keep using it. If it does not, you can simply cease using it and try something else.

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