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There are few trading programs that can bill themselves as being "Wall Street's best kept secret", Insight Trading Software is one of them. This software provides traders with the technology that allows them to generate rules which are custom, rules that give you the ability to study market data for futures, stocks, and other financial instruments.

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Insight will offer these trading options at a very high speed to your computer, and the number of trading opportunities that you will have available at your finger tips are quite impressive. To really understand the power of Insight Trading Software, it is first important to become familiar with the technology that is behind it.

The workstation that comes with this software is made up of a number of different modules, all of which are integrated. The first of these modules are watch lists, which you can completely customize. The watch list is an important module because it will allow you to carefully analyze your stocks.

You also have the option of generating multiple watch lists, and these lists can be designed to suit your unique style of trading. One advantage of Insight Trading Software is that it provides support for long term analysis and short term analysis. You can compute real time correlations for both symbols and stocks.

The second module which has allowed ITS to become wildly popular is the ticker alert filters. These filters allow traders to generate tickers which are custom, and it does this through the powerful language which is associated with ITS.

You have the option of generating tickers for strength, as well as moving averages and trendline alerts. The third module that comes with ITS are the query reports. These reports give you the ability to generate tick reports automatically, and they can be designed to suit your specifications.

Insight Trading Software Modules

The query reports also give you the ability to generate ranked queries, and they can be compared to indicator divergences and other data for count activity and strength. You will want to sort these via the price, volume, and numerous other factors.

The fourth module that is popular with this software are the Industry Reports themselves. ITS comes with a collection of industries and the symbols which are associated with them. The industry reports can be altered by the user, and you even have the ability to create your own industries.

Insight will take the time to perform computations on the industries in real time, and this will be done in such a way that it allows you to maintain your sectors. You also have the ability to drill down for an industry to determine the stocks which are functioning well and those which are not.

This allows you to find out who are the leaders and losers in any given industry. The language for Insight allows you to make references to numerous industries, and you can look for patterns which let you determine what you're looking for via the ticker.

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The statistical symbols that come with this software are also quite important. With Insight, you can generate the compound symbols through the usage of formulae which is customized, and which can be calculated by each tick. You can also generate symbols for spreads and baskets, as well as many other factors. Insight Trading Software is a powerful tool that can give even the best traders an edge.

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Lars Berland said:

  does anybody know of a software program that is as good as Insight?
Insight has been taken private.
February 14, 2011, 5:58 pm

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