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MetaStock is an award winning trading program that was invented by Equis International. It comes in two basic versions, and these are the Professional Version, and the End of the Day edition, also known as EOD. MetaStock offers a total solution when it comes to technical analysis, and it is capable of the generation of security charts and many other functions.

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One thing that many traders like about this software is that the formula language that comes with it is highly customized. Because this language is customized, it gives you the ability to create and program individual indicators, and you can also do this for explorations and system tests.

The formula language has been designed so that people who are not programmers are still able to generate their own code without a great deal of difficulty. Another thing that this program has been praised for are the large number of indicators it has.

There are more than two hundred indicators that come with MetaStock, and the line studies are designed to ensure that you only use those indicators which are best for your method of trading. The MetaStock collection comes with more than 80 indicators, and many of these are used for the purpose of broad analysis.

MetaStock also offers award winning experts, experts which will work with you in analyzing various indicators or charts. The library of experts that come with this software is extensive, and you can also create your own library based on your trading techniques.

Of course, this will be accomplished via the formula language for MetaStock. The templates and charts are quite diverse, and they give you the ability to generate security charts based on an extensive array of charges. You have the option of saving the custom feel for your charts through the usage of each security you reveal, and almost all aspects of these can be customized.

Additional MetaStock Features

Of all the features mentioned so far, one of the most powerful are the Explorations. The Exploration module allow technical analysts to screen numerous securities for an unlimited amount of queries. Through the usage of the MetaStock language, you have the option of generating filters which can sift through a sizeable number of securities.

The explorer feature that comes with this software is able to sift through literally thousands of securities within a short period of time. The explorer can find those securities which are showcasing either a sell or buy signal, and you can also locate securities which have moved above their standard 200 day average.

You can find the securities which have the highest ranking for Wilder's RSI, and you can locate those securities which are moving beyond their ten week average. MetaStock has a large and vibrant online community where you can get answers to any questions that you have in regards to the software.

In addition to getting your questions answered, you are also offered coding examples for various types of trades, which will allow you to maximize the usage of MetaStock. The EOD version of this software offers the ultimate solution for those traders that want to try MetaStock, without paying the high price tag that you did normally have to pay with the professional edition.

The EOD version makes use of a database that deals with the End-of-Day pricing structure. With the EOD version of this software, it is not necessary for you to be on the web when you are looking at the charts.

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The professional version of MetaStock will give you the tools which you need for dynamic charting, which is defined as the charts which become live during the trading day, which gives you the ability to perform an analysis in real time. The MetaStock format is a basic format which is utilized by numerous other charting programs.

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