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Sierra Charts is a company that has been around since the mid 1990s, and this is testament to the effectiveness of their software. This company is responsible for the creation and usage of trading software, and they provide support for numerous markets, including futures, forex, and Indexes.

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They can create and provide support for back-end and front-end systems which are totally complete. They also sell high end server applications which are designed to function with the Sierra Chart data. One thing that this company is also known for is the development of high end trading functions. Like many of their contemporaries, Sierra Charts also provide programming for indicators.

Because of the many features which are associated with this company, their user base has continued to expand over the last decade. Many of the traders who use Sierra Charts live in different parts of the world, and the stated goal of the company is the development of high end trading software.

Whenever there is a problem with the software, they are available to fix the problem as soon as possible. You will be able to get the problems fixed within a matter of hours. One thing that you must also keep in mind is that a turnkey solution is offered to brokers.

For those trading services that Sierra Charts doesn't normally offer support for, they can integrate their data or services within the software that you're using. Many traders have also reported that they are pleased with the addition of the Schiff features with the Pitchfork tool.

The support board format is very impressive, and many traders, myself included, have been able to unlock a great deal of flexibility within this software. One thing that traders consistently praise about this company is its customer support. In fact, many traders have said that they switched to Sierra Charts precisely because they offered superior service in comparison to the competition.

How Sierra Chart Works

As of October 2008, the latest version for Sierra Charts is version 348. The company has essentially become a global leader when it comes to offering high end end charting data that can be viewed in real time. The software is also powerful when it comes to the charting of historical data, and it deals with technical analysis in multiple financial markets.

It offers support for a variety of different stocks, as well as currencies and many other financial instruments. For those who describe themselves as being E-Mini traders, Sierra Chart has reach a massive level of popularity.

Today, Sierra Chart now offers support for Advanced Trading. This means that you can now trade via the charts in a direct manner, and you can utilize our specialized ChartDOM, which will offer you the real time view of the market and the entry of the orders on the charts. There are a number of other methods for order entry which are allowed as well. 

It has an impressive large collection of indicators that this software makes use of, and this it also showcases a number of tools for drawing and analysis. Traders are given the option of generating customized indicators, and this can be accomplished via Excel spreadsheets which are built into the software. You also have the option of using the ACSIL, or Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language.

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One thing that should also mention is that Sierra Charts offers support for both Depth of Market, along with Time and Sales. The design of this software can be heavily customized, and it is exceptionally fast with a high rate of speed in numerous areas.

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