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SmartQuant is a company which offers trading strategies which are automated. One tool which this company is known for is OpenQuant. This is an ATS, or Automated Trading System which can be used by traders. SmartQuant has been around since the late 1990s, and many of the top financial institutions in the world make use of it.

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The stated goal of the company is to provide traders with a strategy that is industrial strength, one that allows them to backtest, debug, and optimize the various platforms. Many traders want to make trades on the level of hedge funds, and ATS is a tool which claims it can get them there.

There are a number of features that can be found with ATS, and these features give you the ability to upgrade to even better tools, those which are used on the institutional or professional level. The languages which this software uses are VisualBasic.NET and C#.

Those who use SmartQuant do not have to worry about scripting, since the software operates on code which has been compiled, and this offers you a much higher level of performance. System trading and backtesting can be carried out on the portfolio level, and it is also possible to deal with numerous asset classes, such as futures or equities.

You have the option of working with numerous currencies, and the architecture could be described as being highly event driven. With SmartQuant, you do not have to worry about a backtesting "for" loop that is synthetic, and there are a number of strategies that can operate in the simulation mode in the same manner as they function within the live modes.

There are numerous trading systems, and the intraday backtesting can occur quite well with the tick data. Mark scanners are available, and support is also available for numerous time frames.

Additional Features that come with SmartQuant

One thing that many traders have praised this software for is the large technical analysis library it has. Many traders have found that SmartQuant has as many as one hundred indicators. It also leaves open the option for indicators which are defined by the user.

There are a number of mathematics which are available for finance, and much of these are related to implied volatility and the pricing of derivatives. I should even add that there is a library available for linear algebra. It is important to consider the optimization of strategy, and this includes the high end performance in terms of backtesting.

SmartQuant is capable of handling up to have a million ticks per second, and it is powered largely by the QuantServer engine, which is built in. Traders have the option of placing stop limit orders, stop orders, or market orders. Orders can be managed in a direct manner, and this includes canceling, sending, or simply replacing orders.

There is support available for order routing, as well as autoexecution. With a simple switch, a trader can go from simulation to trading live within a matter of moments. If you wish to get a perpetual license, this software will cost you $749, but you can lease it for as little as $50 per month.

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When you go to the official website, one thing that you will find is that they offer a great deal of support for the software, and they also make use of video tutorials which will allow you to have a great understanding of how the software works. This shows that SmartQuant is interested in empowering those traders that invest in their software.

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