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Sort Wizard is a software program that is used for the screening of stocks, along with the scanning for stocks. It is one of the fastest programs of its type which is available on the market today, and it is also known for using a stock search engine which is highly detailed.

The goal of the search engine is to provide a high level of flexibility for the trader. This program makes it simple to scan the entire market by using the RealTick feed. One thing that I like about Sort Wizard is that it has been designed for a specific type of trader. It is useful for traders that want full control over their decision making, especially when it comes to finding buy or sell opportunities.

When SortWizard is used in conjunction with the RealTick data feed, you will be capable of managing a great deal of information in the market, and this will give you a powerful advantage for trading.

There are a number of benefits which can be gained from the use of SortWizard, and by understanding these benefits, you will be in a better position to filter and analyze stocks to make better investment decisions and earn larger profits. The first advantage that SortWizard offers is savings in terms of time. In a matter of seconds, you can look through all the stocks that are available for any given sector, and you can pick the ones which suit your interests.

There is little need to keep track of a database or spend large amounts of time looking over lists. All you need to do is activate the trigger events, move through the searches, and wait until the qualifiers become showcased in the real time format. The search set up is easy to use, and you don't have to spend time learning programming languages.

Many traders complain about complex programs that require you to learn new languages, but with SortWizard, all you have to do is figure out the field you're interested in, and pick the function that you want and key in the values. The filters and searches can be quickly created.

SortWizard Features and Functions

Another thing that many traders like about SortWizard is that it comes with a large number of fields which are searchable. You have the option of picking from a large library of both fundamental as well as technical data which are generated to make it much easier to screen and analyze stocks. Many traders will like the fact that SortWizard allows them to generate tools which are extremely powerful.

If you can generate simple formulas that are useful for a spreadsheet, then you are set to go. You will want to combine these functions with the spreadsheets based on the library for many data fields, as this offers you a great deal of flexibility.

Your goal must be to construct stock screening tools which are effective. There are no restrictions which are related to the number of fields and formulas which are available. You don't have to worry about the creation of symbol lists, and there are few restrictions when it comes to the size of the symbol.

Additionally, you also have the option of utilizing the RealTick symbol for a source of the input of data. I should also add that SortWizard is convenient, efficient, and very fast.

Download SortWizard

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