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Stator is a software application which offers support for both foreign exchange and numerous currencies. It offers instruments which are related to indexes, and it has a portfolio management system that is extremely advanced.

Because trading is a business, it is critical for traders to make decisions which are based on accurate data. One thing that I like about Stator is that it gives you this ability.

It has has a large number of different reports and statistics, and it also provides one with the ability to record your actions and trades, which gives you important information to study at a later time. Studying this information can literally allow you to become a highly superior trader.

I feel that Stator is a program that any serious trader should use. The customer support that the company offers is equally good, and it gives the trader who uses it a superior edge in the market. Many fund managers today require a software program which will give them the ability to offer important resources which are objective.

The performance of the funds must be measured on a consistent basis, and it should be conducted external to the basic qualitative analysis that can easily be found on the market. One thing that I must admit is that few programs meet these requirements as much as Stator.

Many of the trades which are the most profitable tend to be those that are longer than 120 days in length, and this is largely based on the trading methods that have been devised by certain traders. It is said that the performance of the many funds have been greatly increased, and one thing that a lot of these funds had in common is that they all made use of Stator when it came to collecting important data and resources.

Many speculators are constantly aware of their great risk exposure, and the management of risks is something which is incredibly important. Stator can not only assist you in handling your positions in the market, but it can also allow you to utilize numerous accounts.

How Stator Operates

Stator makes use of record keeping tools which will ensure that you save lots of time in terms of research. At the same time, the area in which this program really shines is when it comes to the statistical functions that are found with this program, along with the high end reporting tools.

If you want statistics which are related to certain programs, or accounts which are connected to your trading history, Stator will provide you with an analysis that is highly detailed. You will be presented with things like loss and profit, and you will also deal with variables that are complicated, like the Kelly % for example.

Record keeping is one aspect of trading that many traders, even those who are experienced, routinely fail to address. Stator gives you the ability to consolidate all of your records, and is far more superior that simple spreadsheets.

Like most traders, I made use of spreadsheets for years when it came to the management of my records, and spending time trying to alter the formulas which are related to record keeping was quite tedious, to say the least. Not only does Stator make record keeping a lot easier, but it keeps it very simple.

The one thing that all traders want is an edge, and edge which allows them to get ahead in the market and make money. But the essence of becoming a winner in this industry is to understand your numbers, and understand them well. While humans may be subject to lying, numbers do not. When you have a detailed record of the trades you made, you have the foundation for success.

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