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Tradesim is a high end system tester that many traders are using today. It deals with a number of issues that are critical to all traders, and one of the most important of these issues is simplicity of use. The biggest problem with so many contemporary trading programs is that they are all very complex, and hard to use.

A lot of these programs have been designed for computer programmers, not traders, and it is the traders who need them the most. One thing that I like about TradeSim is that it deals with this deficiency, and it does it through the provision of a user interface which is intuitive and easy to use.

While the interface of this program is simple to use, this doesn't mean that the software sacrifices the power and performance of the software, because it doesn't. TradeSim is essentially a backtested system that is extremely useful. To understand why, you have to first consider the fact that many charting programs don't even come with a backtesting tool.

Even the software programs that do provide this tend to be lacking when it comes to analysis and testing. Having a charting program that uses a poor backtesting system is like trying to control the direction of a ship without a compass; it is extremely difficult. This is also why many of the traders who use such programs are often less than successful.

When one reviews TradeSim, they will find that this system was constructed from the bottom up. Unlike many trading tools, which try to be superior in many factors but end up being mediocre in all, TradeSim concentrates on offering a high level of performance in several key areas.

The key area in which this program is designed for, and where it shines, is back testing. For example, while it is known among many traders that MetaStock is a powerful charting software program, its biggest weakness is that it doesn't make use of any system testing mechanism.

How TradeSim assists Programs like MetaStock

TradeSim was specifically designed to work in conjunction with MetaStock. TradeSim is a program that operates in parallel, and in addition to testing a certain trading plan, it will also simulate the plan through the usage of the formula language that comes with MetaStock. The company advertises TradeSim as being the first back testing tool which is very realistic.

The data processing functions that come with this software. TradeSim can analyze the past performance of any trading system, and after a set period of time, it can come up with a scenario that is realistic for the real world.

While back testing has been added to the newer versions of MetaStock, it is still tedious and inefficient when compared to TradeSim. Back testing is simple and easy in TradeSim, and it is for this reason that many traders still choose to use it over the built in testing tool that comes with MetaStock.

You can run this tool over a collection of securities with any indicator you want, and once this exploration is totally finished, you can operate TradeSim and spend time reviewing the data that results from it. TradeSim will function in conjunction with MetaStock, and this allows it to generate a collection of data which is related to trades. The trades which are collected will be analyzed, and important info can be provided with regard to the tool.

MetaStock itself makes use of a strong language that users can utilize for the creation of explorations or indicators which are customized. The exploration aspect of this tool allows you to showcase the function by searching inside a collection of securities. Your goal with using this strategy is to find securities which showcase specific characteristics.

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