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Many traders are tired of using decades old indicators that many other experienced traders also use. Many charting software programs offer indicators such as the moving averages and RSI, and many thousands of traders make use of these same tools.

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When you consider the number of people using these tools, you have to ask yourself how effective they can be? The simple truth of the matter is that it is difficult to make the type of money that a professional trader makes when you are using the identical indicators that are used by novice traders. One thing to note is that some techniques predate the computer age, and this means that they are hopelessly outdated.

If you want to be successful as a trader, you will want to make use of high end tools. One tool that has caught the attention of many traders is the Wave59 RT. This day trading software comes with a number of strong methods that can offer a solid edge when you make market trades.

Some of the methods that this software tool uses includes genetic algorithms, along with the composite cycle prediction method. Many traders agree that the algorithms used by Wave59 RT are some of the most powerful ever invented. The many trading capabilities that can be found with this software are truly impressive.

By taking advantage of the methods and algorithms that come with this tool, you will be light years ahead of other traders, and this means that you can lower your risk, while getting better entries and making larger profits at the same time.

One critical factor that allows Wave59 RT to stand out from virtually every other program that has been invented is the fact that programmers did not design it. Instead, it was created for traders by traders. Every module and function that comes with this program was designed with the knowledge of what traders need in order to be successful.

How Wave 59 RT Works

This charting software operates by using unique techniques for analysis as opposed to using old indicators. Because many trading techniques have been used by thousands of traders for decades, it should be obvious that most of these techniques are ineffective at best, and useless at worse.

While the old indicators may be useful for the most basic techniques, they will in no way give you an edge in the market. One feature that is quite unique to this program is called Geometric Patterns. It finds the right connection between price and time, and uses this to send signals to traders.

The connection between time and price has been studied for decades, and Wave59 offers a useful charting tool that can properly showcase the connection between the time and price, which allows the traders who use it to make better and more profitable trading decisions. Another thing that this software program pays close attention to is the patterns for time and price. Analysts talk about numerous price movements in the market but many trading applications do not even offer support for the price patterns.

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Wave59 is an exception to this, and not only does it showcase price patterns, but it also allows you to program price patterns of your own. After the software has been set up, you can locate both the pattern and signal as it appears  and this recognition of patterns will happen in real time, which is absolutely necessary for every day trader. If you have the ability to designate specific rules for a pattern, then this issue can be left up to this software program.

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