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There are two kinds of Forex brokers. There are those who are into online forex and responsible for trading platforms while the second group deals with telephone trades placed in a dealing or brokerage desk.

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Forex option brokers require a minimum trading account which varies from few thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars or more. Forex option brokers require their investor-clients to trade their forex option contracts since it has a minimum notional value.

There are types of contracts that can be entered and exited at anytime while there are some contracts that hold you until your expiration or settlement.

Investors should remember that before entering into a trading, they should inquire or coordinate with their forex brokers regarding the required contract size, contract liquidity, and trading account minimum.

Forex option brokers offer its investors different trading products that are forex option-produced. It is, therefore, necessary to differentiate these things in order for the investors to understand the risk characteristics of each trading product.

Plain vanilla options refer to the traditional call and put option contracts that are traded through exchange.

In simple terms, it refers to the selling or buying of standard forex call or forex put contract. Vanilla forex for major currencies possess good liquidity. Aside from that, a person can enter or exit the market, regardless of the time of the day.

There are two definitions of an exotic forex broker. The first definition of forex exotic is, it refers to a less broadly traded individual currency while the second is defined as a derivative of vanilla forex contract.

A vanilla forex option that is plain has a payout structure and amount as well a definite expiration structure.

Exotic options are not very liquid since it is tailored based on the specific needs of an investor. Because of this, the contract evolves and changes in order to suit the changing needs.

They are also traded by institutional and commercial investors instead of retail forex traders. Asian options, barrier options, binary options, baskets, compound options, look-back options, chooser options, packages, spread options, and so on are examples of exotic options.

There are rare forex contracts that are specifically made for an individual investor. As such, most transactions in exotic options occur in the telephone through the help of forex option brokers. Some of them offer “if touched” or “single payment” contracts online.

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Through this, an investor can freely specify the amount that he willingly risks to exchange in lieu of a specified amount payout. One caution, though. Exotic option contracts only guarantees little or no liquidity, especially if you want to leave the position already.

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