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How to Make a Forex Trading System Perfect


More and more people are drawn in Forex market trading. However, out of the many forex traders, roughly 5% of them were able to achieve a profitable result that is consistent. One reason is because these traders did not know better and focus on the wrong information with regard to the trading decision that they make. They tend to overlook that the most important factor that should be considered in trading is the price behavior.

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Technical indicators made the Forex trading systems that we use. But what is the definition of these technical indicators? They are considered as series of data points that are plotted in the charts.

In addition, the points are derived out of the mathematical formula used to the price of any currency pair. To simply put it, technical indicators refer to the chart of prices that are plotted in a different manner in order to see the other aspect in prices.

The definition of technical indicators has a every important implication since the obtained readings from it are based on the action of the price. It is the behavior of the prices that will dictate how an indictor should act and not the other way around. Any trading decision should be based on the price’s performance.

When technical indicators become the basis for a trading decision, the result that one can get is less accurate especially if the price action is not put into consideration. Take the example of a MA crossover.

It generates a long signal while the market goes near to the important resistance level. When the price suddenly bounced back to the important level, there is no longer a point on taking this signal. Why? Because the price action interprets that the market loses its desire to go up. When this happens, and under the circumstances, the market will experience a continuous slide-down.

But technical indicators are useful and significant aspect in trading. Motivating the performance of the price leads to some conditions difficult to see. This is where technical indicators come in to the picture since it allows one to see the other aspects of prices.

The incorporation of the price action in the Forex trading system helps to make the odds more favorable, thus it can generate a probability trade that is higher.

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There are three things to consider when making a Forex trading system that is “perfect.” First, be sure that the trading system fits the trading personality. Research on the technical indicators and different trading styles in order to come up with a concept that will work for you. Second, include the price action in the system that you adopt. Lastly, the chosen Forex trading system should be followed rigorously.

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