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10 Tips for Commodity Futures Trading


Trading in commodity futures is a very lucrative but very accessible form of investment. Because of the internet, you can trade in commodity futures at the comforts of your home. That means your financial security can be achieved without having to step outside.

But as much as commodity futures can mean large amount of earnings, it can also cause losses. You have to be very careful in dealing with this type of investment or else you will end up losing a little bit of your funds everyday.

Here are some tips that will guide you in commodity futures:

One step at a time - Never be drastic in this form of trading. Know the possibilities that can happen in every trading process. There are unseen events that might happen along the way and it is a big loss in your end if you are not ready to deal with the problem.

Review trends - One of the best techniques in trading is to follow trends. It is safe - but with a few twists. Review how trends are suggested by various factors such as news, economic shifts and financial decisions that can affect the trading. Trends are not an absolute technique but a relatively safe system.

Start with agriculture commodities - A good way for beginners to learn the importance of trend and trade safely is with agriculture products. Many recommend soy beans, sugar, cocoa and coffee but almost every trader recommends starting with corn.

Meat market with caution - Another commodity that you can easily follow is the meat market. However, there are certain factors you should check before agreeing for a trade. Double check the recent restrictions on meat import and/or export to ensure success trading. Meat has great demand anytime but it can be hampered with recent restrictions.

Using cash for low margin - Cash can easily attract investors but can also cause great loss in your end. Avoid using cash in this type of trading. Low margin trading is recommended for cash trading because of the relatively lower risk.

Track everything - Your account, your recent and previous trades and your possible trades should be accessible and readable. This will give you a distinct advantage since the information you need to trade and secure earnings from the trade is very accessible.

Limit trading items - Never go beyond eight items when you are just starting in commodity futures. It is even better to start with one or two just to be familiar with various transactions. Going beyond eight will require time, intensive research and additional help just to have the right decisions.

Staying safe - never splurge your funds just because you have them. Trading is a very tricky industry as it will entice you to put more and more money without you knowing it. Start with safe and small trading and gradually go up when you have the experience and knowledge on how to harness the industry.

Consider spreading - If you are trying to know which industry could fit to your trading decisions, try spreading your funds in various industries. The results and the information you can get can help you decide which industry is best for you. Just make sure you are trading on the safe side to minimize losses.

Broker's advice - There are too many things to learn in futures trading that it is impossible to grasp them on the first few weeks. Seek the aid of a trusted broker during your learning days to have a safe and possibly profitable trading. A good alternative are analysts who posts their ideas in various trading websites.

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