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Three Crucial Forex Sessions


Almost every major country in the world has Forex sessions during business hours in their respective time zone. But there are three countries where Forex sessions should be considered by any Forex trader – Tokyo (Japan), London (England) and New York (USA.) These three sessions are the largest in the world. Each country represents significant time zones and understanding the effects of the time zones is vital to survive short term Forex Trading.

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Tokyo, Japan

The first major currency session to open is the Asian countries and leading the way is Tokyo, Japan. Their session starts at 11pm and ends at 8am (GMT) which means they are already open long before the US and London Forex session starts.

The currency of Japan (Yen) represents the strong Asian economy which usually stands along with Chinese currency. On a Monday, the US sessions have been closed for more than 24 hours. During weekdays, the New York session will be closed a couple of hours before Tokyo Forex session opens.

The Japanese Yen and other Asian currencies could be linked and easily traded for Euros. The London Forex Market opens two hours before the Tokyo market closes. Because of the closeness, trading is common and is often aggressive.

The Asian trading session is often filled with traders who want to get ahead of other traders. Although a risky move, short term investors could greatly benefit from early trading if they perceive a change in their targeted currencies later.

As a part of Asia, the Japanese trading sessions are filled with speculators that will affect the price of oil. As the Tokyo Forex trading session interacts with other Asian countries especially the oil producing countries, there is a chance of fluctuation of currency in oil producing countries. Eventually, the change in currency will also affect other countries as they open hours later.

London, England

As one of the countries that have adopted the Euro, London’s Forex session opens up to stabilize the swinging market that has started in the Asian session. The reason for the stability brought by Euro is because of its ability to challenge the US Dollar as the world currency. When the London Forex Session starts, trading in Euro also starts along with other European currencies.

Although the Euro provides stability in currency exchange, this is also the time where massive transactions happen. The aggressive transaction could still be felt as the early session which starts at 7am (GMT) but will eventually stabilize at noon. Closing is at 4pm and during this time; the currencies of most Asian countries are already set.

The London Forex Session is ideal for preparing for the US Forex trading session. This is preferred by traders who want to get the best currency and try to earn from trading the said currency against USD as soon as the New York market opens.

Although there are other countries that hold their currency trading, the London Forex trading session is one of the largest trading sessions in the world today. European traders not based on London would still prefer to use the London time scheme in trading for better profits.

New York, USA

Four hours before the London session ends, the US trading opens. This trading time zone is for the North and South American countries but the bulk of Forex Trading are often found in New York sessions. Other countries such as Brazil, Canada and Mexico are only small participants when compared to the massive currency transactions that happen in New York.

As the final time zone for Forex, the New York Forex session usually determines the final exchange rate for the day. Although there are other time zones that will continue the activity, the currencies determined through the New York Forex session usually stays with little to no effect from other countries in different time zone.

It could be said that New York is in a disadvantage compared to London because of their inability to be online to overlap the Asian Forex Session. New York usually starts at 12noon (GMT) and trading would end up at 10pm – Tokyo closes at 7am (GMT).

But instead of being at a disadvantage, the New York Forex session determines the movement of the Asian Market. The trading session of Euro and US dollar will determine the activities for the Asian Forex trading the next day.

Be Ready for the Overlap

If you are a short term currency trader, always be on the lookout for the overlapping hours of these currency trading cities. Asia and London only has an hour of overlapping schedule while London and US enjoy four hours of daily interaction.

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The overlapping time is usually the most volatile moments for different currencies. Traders and businesses are scrambling to finish the transaction because of the limited time frame. Forex traders will immediately notice the changes in some currencies and they would try to get their hands on the most profitable currency. The overlap only lasts for a few hours but very profitable that it why it should be highly anticipated with enough preparations.

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